Burnmark Industries Sdn Bhd was incorporated in April 1990 to support the National Industrialization Policy introduced by the government at that time.Burnmark was established with the primary objective of developing, manufacturing and supplies of metallurgical parts especially in automotive industries. Burnmark focused its business to PROTON and since then have been supplying exclusive parts and accessories to PROTON.

Burnmark have a long and successful business relation with its existing clients especially in research and development works of Metal stamping parts such as designing and developing dies, jigs and fixtures. Venturing into metal stamping, fabrication works, Precision tools, welding and assembly are part of Burnmark commitment to support the industry and its existing client. Our commitment to produce and deliver quality product have been contributing to the trust of existing client.

Today, Burnmark are trying to deviate from its original primary objective by venturing into other scope of manufacturing works. This as to reduce the dependency to the automotive industries. It is believed with current skills and experience, Burnmark could venture And contribute its commitment and skills to other industry such as telecommunication, electrical and electronic industry.


We Strive For Excellence


To be competitive and recognized metal stamping component, die and assembly manufacture
in term of quality, cost and delivery


To be 'A' Class Vendor
To reduce operation cost by 3% annually
To diversify 20% sales from non-automotive business
Capable and manufacturability to design and fabricate medium stamping die by year 2020
To increase module assembly part by 20% from total supply part yearly